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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Royal Oak have any private rooms?

We have two private rooms for short-term skilled rehab patients, which are typically utilized for patients who are in need of isolation.

How will I know when it is time for me to look into the services of a Health Care Center?

Sometimes the body might just need some strengthening. Our goal is always to strengthen our patients so that they may return home to their prior living arrangement. If the goal of returning to prior level can not be met, we then change the goal to transition to Assisted Living Facility or Long-Term Nursing Care.

Is there an option to stay in a hospital versus a health care center?

Hospitals are designed for patients who have medical issues that can be treated only in a hospital. Insurance companies could also stop insurance benefits when you no longer need hospital care. A nursing center can provide the continuing medical care and rehabilitation services you need while you recover from illness or injury so that you can return home as soon as possible.

What services and amenities are offered for residents?

Our services and amenities at this facility include:
-Beauty and Barber services
-Wifi provided throughout the entire facility
-Various activities occurring everyday
-Shopping Trips available for supplies
-Outings to various restaurants and locations near the facility
-Cable Ready Rooms
-Furnished Rooms
-Providing all medical equipment in the cost of stay

Activities is a special department. They help our residents stay active and engaged. Our activities department can plan a great party while making sure everyone has a fabulous time and feels involved. They help set up church sessions, live music and lead a lot of the fun events and games that happens at Royal Oak. We offer a multitude of activities for our residents including:

-Card/board games
-Word games
-Exercise programs
-Walks in our beautiful community
-Movie night
-Arts and crafts.

We also enjoy just socializing and laughing together about the past and present. We also have a media room with library, a computer for residents, and a large screen TV.

Is the food any good?

We have a phenomenal Dietary Department. We have homemade soups everyday of the week. The main menu is in a rotation. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to one family at no cost. A second visitor meal cost is $3.00 per meal.

Will Royal Oak Nursing Center provide transportation to my Doctor appointments?

Royal Oak Nursing Center provides transportation to primary diagnosis physician follow-up. Royal Oak may request family to attend patient follow-up appointments.

How will I know which facility is best for my loved one?

You and your loved one should look at several facilities before making a selection. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. You may also want to check the Medicare Compare website at www.medicare.gov for Star Ratings of other Facility in your community.

How often will my loved one receive therapy?

We offer therapy seven days a week. Therapy times and the length of therapy may vary depending on the insurance coverage of the individual patient. Some may receive up to three hours a day of therapy exercise, where others may only need two hours.

What type of insurance does Royal Oak accept?

Royal Oak accepts Medicare/ Medicaid and most major insurance policies, as well as worker comp and auto insurance policies. To learn more about your insurance policy coverage or other financial options please call our Admission Team at 352-567-3122.

Is medication management an additional charge?

Medication management has no additional cost while on a skilled stay at Royal Oak.

What is included in the daily charge for your skilled care facility?

Individual insurance companies offer their members a variety of policies. Deductibles, co-pays, co-insurances and maximum out-of-pockets will depend on your insurance coverage. To learn more about what benefits your insurance policy offers you please call our Admission Team at 352-567-3122.

What are your visiting hours?

Royal Oak does not have any set visiting hours, however, our doors lock automatically every evening for the safety of our residents. If you arrive after the doors have locked, please utilize the doorbell to alert the staff of your arrival.

If my loved one is staying short term, what do we need to bring?

If a loved one is only staying short term we recommend bringing comfortable clothing  and a few personal belongings and favorite toiletries to make their stay as welcoming as possible. We provide all of the furniture and equipment so there is no need to haul everything from home! Let us take care of that for you so you and your family can be focused on the recovery process.

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