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Palliative Care

Royal Oak Nursing Center’s

Healing Garden Palliative Directive

Royal Oak Nursing Center strives to achieve the highest level of care quality across the health spectrum. It is through this philosophy that our residents (or health care designee) have the opportunity to design and direct their end of life process through an individualized plan of care focused on the enhancement of quality of life and palliative approaches.  The Healing Garden Palliative Care Program provides the method for communication of these directives with the goals of promotion of dignity, comfort, and quality by fulfilling a resident’s wishes during the most difficult and important aspect of their lives. 

Our staff are honored to provide comfort and support during this natural progression and time of need. As a post-acute and long-term care facility serving our community for over thirty years, we are experienced with strength and sensitivity of facilitate guidance and maintenance of autonomy during this care transition. We do this through a variety of methods including; day to day interactions and communication, care plan meetings, observations, education, outside contacts, and quality of life activities. 

The Healing Garden Palliative Care Program encompasses holistic interventions to promote fulfillment of mind, body and soul. Care approaches are adjusted to meet changing needs as each end of life process is unique. As with any goal driven focus it is imperative to approach as a team and we look forward to this partnership with our residents and those they love most.

Please feel free to contact our Admissions team or our Social Worker for more information regarding our Healing Garden Care Directive at 352-567-3122.

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