The way we view life can affect more than just momentary emotions. Our attitude can affect our overall health on a long-term scale. It is especially important that seniors have a positive mindset, as reaching the tail-end of life can cause many different emotions. Studies have proven that the power of positive thinking is more important as we age. Here are the ways maintaining a positive attitude can lead to a happy experience with the aging process:

Ways Aging Improves With a Positive Attitude

A Longer Life

One study found that people with positive attitudes regarding aging lived almost eight years longer than those without a positive attitude. A positive attitude is just as important as maintaining a healthy weight or exercising regularly. 

Aging Slows

Optimistic people are more likely to perform their daily activities better if they have a positive attitude. The aging process for people with positive attitudes goes much smoother compared to those who don’t.

Aging Process is Better

When we remain more physically fit, think sharper, and walk faster the more positive our outlook is. If we think we can, we can! When it comes to older adults living a healthy, happy life, positive thoughts and emotions go a long way. 

We Are Healthier

Various studies have shown that people with a positive mindset have a lower risk of heart attack, coronary disease, stroke, and brain tumors. Other studies have shown that a positive outlook helps to lower cholesterol and boost immunity against the common cold.

Stress Levels are Lower

Our immune system gets stronger the more we embrace getting older. Positivity about aging also increases our ability to deal with emotional and stressful situations. Compared to those who have a negative outlook, positivity helps protect the body against inflammation. If we start with a positive outlook we are less likely to suffer negative emotions in response to a stressful event.

We Recover from Adversity Faster

People with positive attitudes suffer from physical accidents or conditions just like everybody else. Research has found that those who feel positive about aging were significantly better at recovering from severe disability than those who don’t. 

The evidence is crystal clear. Whether you think your senior years are going to be fabulous or miserable, the perspective you have is likely to influence how you feel about life. So, it’s better to think positively about your future and reap the benefits. 

How to Improve Positive Thinking

Here are a few ways that you can begin to think more positively:

Begin a gratitude journal.

Practice meditation.

Make friends with other positive thinkers.

Speak positive affirmations about yourself.

It pays to think like an optimist. Positivity is a choice. The more you practice positive thoughts and actions, the more it will become a habit. Building a proper foundation for a positive life can impact your mental, physical and emotional health in ways that could change your life for the better. 

Here at Royal Oak Nursing Center, we prioritize the importance of our residents’ mental health. We know that creating an environment for positivity, socialization, and fun is key for residents to live a happy and healthy life at our facility. If you or your loved one is looking for long-term care from a team of upbeat and passionate caregivers, contact us today to learn more about our services!


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