The Importance of Hydration for Seniors

It has always been said by healthcare professionals that staying hydrated is one of the most important factors of having good health. For many people, drinking the proper amount of water can be difficult, especially if they tend to reach for other beverages such as soda, juice, or alcoholic drinks, and if they don’t eat fruits or vegetables. It is important for people of all ages to be aware of and prioritize their daily water intake. But for seniors especially, it is vital to be cognizant of drinking the proper amount of water to stay hydrated.

How Dehydration Affects Seniors

Seniors are much more susceptible to dehydration. As we age, we lose muscle mass and our kidney’s stop working as well. These are two main factors that affect the capabilities for your body to store and conserve water. When we don’t have enough water in our bodies, it can cause many issues, such as being unable to adapt to temperature changes. 

Another issue with hydration that arises with age is diminishment of sense of thirst. Seniors’ feelings of thirst are no longer sensitive to low amounts of water in their bodies, so once they do feel thirsty, they may already be depleted of the fluids they need.

Other symptoms of dehydration can include:

Weak pulse

Dark urine


Confusion or irritability

Low blood pressure

Severe dehydration can result in seizures, kidney failure, a coma, and even death.

How Seniors Can Stay Hydrated

Caregivers can help seniors make the right diet choices and monitor their fluid intake. Having a diet rich with fruits and vegetables, along with drinking plenty of water daily, will ensure that the senior stays hydrated.

If your senior needs further assistance with activities of daily living, such as drinking and eating, a senior living community may be the best option for them. Here at Royal Oak Nursing Center, we provide 24/7 nursing assistance to our residents and curate individualized meal plans that give them all the necessary fluids and nutrients they need. To learn more about our community, give us a call at (352) 567-3122.

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